/ Andrei Jakovlev

Andrei Jakovlev
is a designer and founder of the GlassBrickLamp reuse project.

Bricks were discovered and salvaged from old Soviet establishment sites (i.e. factories, hospitals, military facilities, etc.), which have been abandoned for decades and where the bricks remained discarded in an unused state. Around 400 lamps were handmade this way

Today we use mostly new and unused modern glass bricks. We also have a stash of unused soviet era bricks. For the cleaning of used and scratched bricks, we use an abrasive blasting technique, which enhances the light diffusion and gives a distinctive icy look to the lampshade. We use no chemicals to clean the bricks and change the diffusion.

GlassBrickLamp is a sustainable brand that gives new life to a glass brick and changes your perspective on this iconic architectural element.

Our careful choice of light bulbs considers the color and diffusion of each glass brick. We use only LED bulbs for sustainability and economy.

Multiple designs, using different bricks from different producers, different textile and metal braided cables, abrasive blasting, and multiple coating techniques are being used at GlassBrickLamp.