/ Maret Sarapu

Lenticular photographic series Closet Ostrich 2019
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"I am intrigued by beauty — both in the meaning of aesthetics and kindness.

Is practising aesthetics that is free from politics, a form of escapism or self-care? Is cultivating your own garden an egoistic or deeply responsible activity? I take care of myself and my garden in order to be well, but also for the reason that others would enjoy the beauty of it and find inspiration, seeds and refuge there. 
Also for the reason that the weed growing in my garden wouldn't invade the neighbour's territory.

I enjoy working with various delightful views. Observing the new world opening behind the freshly polished surfaces. What will happen when light falls and reflects on this world? What will happen if it transforms into something larger? How do a small original and its large copy relate to each other? How much does a detail tell about its whole?"

A small glass object and a large lenticular image are considered to be one conceptual unit.
Lenticular photo / Photo - Closet Ostrich -Beige 1 _ 1/+1AC
Glass object / Closet Ostrich -Beige 1/1

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