Tbilisi architect and multimedia artist name Zurab Arabidze contains 13 characters. Born on February 13. In 1980, Zurab never suffered from Triskaidekaphobia (panic fear number 13).
1997/2002 – Georgian Technical University. Master’s degree in Architecture and Design granted.
He started making thoughts about Architecture when he was 4. After he discovered having Peniaphobia (the fear of poverty) because was concerned about the future of the children deprived of parental care. He hasn’t yet fulfilled his wish of building a house for them. He started painting at age 6. The first painting “crazy fight” did not make his first exhibition “Window to the city” (1995). He became interested in photography at age 21. His first personal exhibition “Private paradigms” was held in Moscow Modern Art Center “Vinzavod” in 2009.

Zurab Arabidze’s perspective worldview is based on principles of minimalism which are reflected in his art.

ARCHmetamorfism # 0110