/ ZURA arabidze

ARCHmetamorfism # 0110

Works of ARCHmetamorphizm project depict refraction of the author’s vision of architectural elements in a photograph. Architectural sculpture transforms into fanciful forms as if small pieces of glass create a new geometrical reality after the turn of a kaleidoscope. Within such a transformation the original meaning of the utilized subjects are lost, they are no longer apartment or office buildings, or historical monuments, they become only the elements of a certain author’s vision, entering an aesthetic context.
Taking this path and losing its individuality, architectural elements become part of the author’s game with space, creating mosaics in which chaos takes arranged geometric patterns. Now the elements of objective reality are no longer perceived as such, and appear as either painting of an outline of human chromosomes, as if accidentally compiled patterns in a media player, or as a virtual matrix reality when millions of numerals run along with the screen at breakneck speed creating a new aesthetic reality. Objects caught by the author are buildings from which architectural space is being built like a pattern of a new town planning scheme. All the photographs become parts of a construction set as they can be matched in any consequent modeling of a new landscape.
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