"AFTERLIFE" / Heikki Leis

AFTERLIFE is Heikki Leis's photo book about molds. The author has been photographing molds for more than 10 years, and now it has become a book, which includes many old photos and also completely new material that has not been published before. It is an exciting macro world where beautiful textures and colors were hidden. Besides the photos, the book also contains text - the author's own writings and how the photos were made. A scientific article by the US mycologist Dr. is also attached. by Kathie D. Hodge, and about life after death is written by tautologist Karl Käsnapuu. The book is in both Estonian and English.

ISBN: 9789949817498
Language: Estonian
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 104 pages
Size: 195x277x12 mm
Translator(s): MAIKEN AUSTIN
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