Surrounding reality is framed in Toomas Kuusing's oil paintings and prints. This is not absurd! Kuusing's work is rich in detail, depicting the world on a wide scale - from naive jokes to sharp grotesque, irony and criticism of society.

*A lot of horrible things have been said about the work of Toomas Kuusing. Some call it surrealist and some merely don’t understand how he can be bothered drawing these lines in the linoleum or tinker at his paintings for months on end, or they just spurt nonsense that bears no repeating. I can tell you that when it comes to the art of Toomas Kuusing, we’re usually dealing with an apocalyptic prediction. Completely real characters from the real world. Nothing is fictional and there are also no exaggerations. However, anyone who thinks the opposite and considers the art of Toomas Kuusing a fantasy, have only themselves to blame for failing to see what others have been seeing for quite a while now. Considering the imminent end of the world, Toomas’ work can be considered very relevant and necessary.*

artist and friend Remo Randver (31.03.1984-24.09.2014 R.I.P.)