"Universal revelations" deals with subcultures and human communities operating in the mainstream of our society and alongside it, whose goals and behavior models create the basis for the birth of a completely new society - a changed world order, the
reincarnation of mythological creatures. By exposing a living being as a mini-form of society and nature, the exposition seeks out the inner desires and passions of the human soul, as well as the hidden gray zones of all of our collective bodies.

The mediums of this exhibition include photo performances, installations, and kinetic objects. In addition to the works created during the Okapi Saaremaa art residency, the exhibition reflects various locations, including Baja California in Mexico, Notsuoh in Houston, Texas, Rio Grande in the USA, Roma in Texas, USA, and the sea in Pärnu, Estonia.

Taje Paldrok is a performance, installation, and new media artist. Acquired art education at Academia Non Grata, Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Universität der Künste in Berlin. Since 1998, she has been one of the main engines of the International Non Grata Performance Group.