The planned residency period for each artist is 2 months. It includes Okapi Gallery studio use in Tallinn as well as short inspirational trips to Estonian countryside
locations in Jälgimäe in Harju County, 
Olustvere in Viljandi County, and Luhina, Kohtla nature reserve in Saaremaa. It is also possible that 2 artists are in
the residency at the same time if their artistic visions and ideas are similar or suitable for working together. The main residency space is Okapi Gallery
in the Old Town of Tallinn which functions as a gallery and a residency with space and basic equipment for glass and photo work and research,
being available the whole residency period. Special 
needs for each artist in residence will be discussed and organized separately.
For more specific work it is possible to 
use our partners' bigger photo studio and glass art studio with a fusing kiln in Jälgimäe or a glasswork studio in Olustvere.
During the summer period, we offer an opportunity to stay a week in a nature resort and bird watching area in Luhina on the isle of Saaremaa.
Okapi’s staff of two people Birgit Pählapuu and Temuri Hvingija will accompany and assist all residents.