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Mixed media project My Silent Protest
“Protest” is series of mixed media that involves photography and neon glass.

People protest in different ways: some go to the streets in the crowd, some go on hunger
strike; countries go to war with each other, someone harms themselves, someone just turns
their back and leaves the country...

I am inspired by brave people and I like to observe them. Maybe that’s why I gather fearless
people around me - that it would be better to go to the “front” together. I often look at how
far people can go for their rights and freedom during a protest demonstration.
However, it is important to me that the protest is peaceful and does not go physical and
violent. Thus, this work also reflects the protest within the person. It is a dilemma of thinking
about how to deal with external information, what is right, what is wrong. Within today’s fake
news society, one may not even understand the difference between true and false.

“My silent protest” is inside me. Sometimes the effect of thought can be bigger and wider
than protesting on the street - I feel like I’m just getting stuck there.

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