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Data collection is evolving at a tremendous rate, and there is already absolute information about each person's health and financial status, interests, intelligence, and so on. The state, politicians, banks, mobile companies, commerce, and Google have databases that give them the power to manipulate everyone by directing values, morals, and choices. The series Literary Substance is a sequel to the series Simple Questions, born out of a desire to try the power of sweetness and the beauty of manipulation. The depiction of the computer world provided an opportunity to intervene in everything, to manipulate, to be a judge, to satisfy passions, to deal with evils, to be a winner, and to erase past decisions in a moody and unjustified manner.

Okapi Gallery represents a project where glass art (Rait Prääts, Estonia) is combined with augmented reality technology (Gleb Divov, Lithuania). The result is a complete installation that talks about the triumph of the virtual world and the success story of artificial intelligence, but also hints at the dangers associated with them. The exhibition covers various media and modern solutions and touches on human instincts and social pain points, which are effective to demonstrate through applied art.

Author of a physical object: Rait Prääts
Musical Blockchain x Rait Prääts — Face Detector (audioNFT + physical object)
First Cross-Baltic NFT (Lithuania+Estonia)

Estonian pioneer of the mixed-media concrete-made sculptures Rait Prääts and Lithuanian NFT/Cryptoart pioneer Gleb Divov dropping first cross-Baltic NFT/audioNFT series on the Ethereum blockchain — on KnownOrigin platform. Presented at the physical level, concrete, tech, and glass art (Prääts) is combined with a virtual layer of AI Soundtrack and Augmented Reality (Musical Blockchain/Divov). This audioNFT features a special track, composed by Musical Blockchain, inspired by the 3d-scan data of the Face Detector sculpture.

Collectors, who will buy this audioNFT will get it:
- physical Face Detector sculpture, delivered worldwide
- special limited edition vinyl with AI-composed soundtrack (including the full version of this audioNFT track)
- exclusive companion materials in a deluxe packaging

AR/AI Sculptures is a proud participant of the Tallinn Triennial of Applied Arts 2021 and PÄRNU ART WEEK & IN GRAAFIKA FESTIVAL '21, Estonia.

Made of CONCRETE. audioNFT.
Physical sculpture, with its own AI-composed soundtrack and Augmented Reality layer.
Detecting faces. Securing your space.
Strictly 1/1.

WARNING: Only available while it lasts. In case of a physical sale, this audioNFT will be BURNED!
Be quick!

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