/ Mick Pedaja

Pedaja’s musical journey has taken him from his school basement punk band to the large stages. He told how he “got a kick out of live music” from an early age and was drawn to learning guitar and singing while growing up in the small rural town of Rapla, about one hour’s drive from Tallinn. Like most Estonian kids Pedaja sang in the school choir but also took additional singing lessons.
From the loud and noisy beginnings, his music has become quieter and quieter. By the time he started to compose himself, he had developed a taste for a mix of ambient, acoustic folk, and mellow electronic.
Mick is performing and making music in many different ways. He’s blessed with the irreplaceable band (Aivar Surva, Indrek Mällo, Uku Kübar) and his wife Angeelia.

Meanwhile also the dream to compose film music has come true. Pedaja composed the award-winning soundtrack for Martti Helde’s “Scandinavian Silence” (2019) and has gone on to create music for several films and series since then. Mick has already been in collaboration with director Ergo Kuld’s projects and movies like “Talve / What a Heart Says”, “Reetur” I (Ergo Kuld) & II seasons (Ove Musting), “Tulejoonel”, “Valguses & Varjus”, “Soo” and Marje Tõemäe “Sellest Saab Meie Suvi”.
As a musician, Mick is also really into photography and videography. This has been his passion since a young age, firstly his parents' digital camera, then the old Minolta. It was his best friend for a long time during the daytime and travel photography. Sometimes he is walking in nature and imaging the frames from the spot he looks on the same time. It gave a new perspective to his photography and videography. This tip was from his very good friend and brother on the journey Felix Laasme. Now he is working with an SLR camera and a drone. A lot of photos are made on the road while his child is sleeping next to him. Mick’s first photo exhibition “Jäämaailm / Ice World” came out in collaboration with Okapi Galerii and Temuri Khvingia.