/Augmented Reality (est/lt)

Interactive Multimedia Exhibition Project "Augmented Realiry"

According to the artist, a rapidly developing world of artificial intelligence (AI) has been formed inside of the naturally evolutionized word. Augmented reality is born. Most of pleasures and some of temptations belong only to the natural world. For instance, there are no such things as the abundance of fragrances and tastes, the pleasure of touching, enjoying nature, soft caress of spring breeze, pas- sion of kisses, excitement of sex, awareness of being mortal, relaxation from smoking a cigarette, pleasures experienced with narcotic substances and alcoholic drinks in artificial world. At the same time, more and more experiments attempt to enter the evolution of   natural world. It can be stated that the human species increasingly looks at nature and other information on various screens.
Changing the genetics of species is in its baby steps, lots of species have already been changes and some species already extinct. Today it is unknown whether algorithms and chips develop more towards progress or destruction. At the present day, natural and AI worlds share numerous intersections that can be called augmented reality. The latter can be conceived as an extraordinary develop-
ment leap that has brought along both good and evil – for instance, the crisis of truth, increasing desire for wealth, ethical crisis, wars, hybrid wars, destruction of technology and nature, energetic crisis, crisis of primary products, chip crisis, the possibility to delete everything by pushing a button. If trying to find anything positive in the abovementioned crises, then the chip crisis is currently intensely blocking the abilities of the bloody aggressor in the War of Independence in Ukraine. There are signs that Ukraine is able to protect its independence when receiving hi-tech support. For making final conclusions the studies are still in a very early phase. But it can be stated with confidence that augmented reality is born to stay and to develop.