/ ALEKSANDRA Ehrensvärd

Aleksandra is a professional glassblower and glass designer. She is creating mostly functional glass objects, including tableware and lighting, as well as nature inspired sculptures. She is a very technical glass-maker and her passion towards glass is triggered and inspired by the process itself.

Despite the fact that glass is made of lifeless minerals, in a hot and liquid state it is often seen as a material that has lifelike properties: it moves, it flows, it glows and during glassblowing process it resists or obeys artist's will just like animated substance. In her objects Aleksandra tries to preserve the life, dynamics, softness of hot glass in a still object, using curved lines and cheerful colors. Unlike straight lines, curves are associated with likeability and playfulness.

In her animal sculptures she wants to remind people about simple beauty around them, by using colors and forms found in Estonian nature.

Pavlenkova believes there are plenty of simple things around us worth of celebrating.