MSK GLASS is a collaboration between three glass designers - Aleksandra Pavlenkova, Andra Jõgis and Kristiina Oppi. The brand specializes in handmade, mouth-blown glassware.

The designers started their collaboration in 2014 at the Department of Glass Art of the Estonian Academy of Arts, where the first pieces were made specially for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The first piece was a set of drinking glasses and a pitcher called We Match (Me Sobime Kokku in Estonian), from which the brand name MSK Glass was derived.

MSK Glass uses a simple Scandinavian-like design language that guarantees the works are durable in time, since they are not influenced by passing trends. The glassware is suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. Through the variety of colors, a little bit of joy and sparkle is added to the Nordic interior.

The designs are inspired by the principles of fitting and machining forms together. Those principles are use playfully in the design process, favoring an emotional approach over a functional one. All the glassware is handmade and mouth-blown by the MSK Glass designers in Estonia, making every single piece one of a kind.