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whiskey glass Dendro
Lisa ostukorvi€35

Dendro" is a classical tumbler created by three Estonian designers of the "MSK Glass" brand. The design of "Dendro" glasses is simple and minimalistic. The elegant shape of glasses imitates the tree trunk.
On the bottom of each glass is the imprint of a tree's annual growth rings pattern.

The design is a tribute to Estonian nature. Estonia is covered in forests where trees grow for decades, gathering a new growth ring every year. Longevity and traditions are also characteristics of a good whiskey. Whiskey matures in wooden casks over years. This adds richness and complexity to the drink, much the same way as annual growth rings add to the glasses.

Glasses are handcrafted. Molten glass is blown into a wooden mould and a wooden stamp is pressed into it, imprinting the annual growth rings of a tree. The burning wood leaves a unique imprint which changes with each following glass.