Future geometric op art has been created digitally using at least three completely different programs. Although the images are algorithmic, they are not algorithmically generated, but mostly drawn and digitally enlarged. They are largely inspired by the idea of creating images that we seem to have seen and known in our imaginations for a long time. "I like the idea that the thing-in-itself and the thing-for-us could be the same, and they can't be misunderstood. You can only see what is shown in these pictures. Seemingly simple pictures have relatively complex geometry, to grasp which you need to forget yourself while looking at them." In his opinion, the future pictures are as hypnotizing as the music he makes and accompanies the exhibition.
Taavi Tulev is well-known in the world of electronic music, but for the last 16 years, to balance this, he has also been thoroughly engaged in recording unspoiled natural sounds and creating sound environments from them, including this year he released Estonia's first thunderstorm vinyl record. A visual arts section has also been added inspired by nature, visions, and mathematics. Future images play with the viewer through the language of form and geometry and take into account his ability to perceive colors and patterns. He pays special attention to the precise and clean form of the images, the maximum use of technological possibilities, and pushing the boundaries play a big role. The visual creation of the future will be aesthetic, timeless, and unambiguous, but at the same time wordless and recognizable.